Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Review in Where Y'at - New Orleans Magazine!

Jordyn Jackson
September in the Garden
Chessie Park Productions

With sweet seductive vocals to go along with her devastatingly stunning good looks, Jordyn Jackson proves she's so much more than just another pretty face in the music world on her debut release, September in the Garden.  This future starlet brings a lively flair of expression through her vocals and keeps the listener wanting more.  Jackson's vocals clearly drip like a playful dab of honey on Southern homemade buttermilk biscuits--simply oh so sweet and yummy!  Recorded at Fudge Studios in New Orleans, Jackson has a stellar band backing her including local NOCCA graduates the Craft Brothers (Glasgow) on strings.  Jackson's alluring vocals on "Squeeze Me" will send visions of Jessica Rabbit and New Orleans style burlesque through your mind while her version of "Crazy" is breathtaking.  The CD as a whole is a great listen and I surely look forward to seeing her perform live around town.  -Kevin McKee

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MS Mud Run - Success!

On Saturday, March 20, 2010, my friends and I participated in the 6.2 mile MS Mud Run in Jacksonville, FL.  Our team name: We're Not In It To Win It, But...Tony Is.  Together, we raised over $800 for the National MS Society!  Here are some photos from the muddy, difficult, amazingly fun race:

 "6 miles...Really?!" Samantha

"Hurry Up, Bitches!" Tony

"Help A Sister Out." Amy

"Hope I Don't Fall." Erin

"Wait...We Have To Get Dirty?" Jordyn

The Rope Climb

It was such a pretty day!

Happy as Pigs in Mud! ;)

About to swim through the freezing cold tunnel

I touched something weird while in the middle of it!

(hence the reason I look like this)

Notice that Tony isn't in any of these photos? He left us.

Comin' around the corner!

Sliding down the trenches

I love my friends!

The Mud Crawl

The last obstacle!

 This was really fun :)

Amy pointing out the finish line

 Running to the finish line...

Almost there!

Finished...And back with our teammate, Tony.

Tony, Erin, Sam, Shelly (who was originally on the team, but got the flu), Amy, Me, and Sam's mom, Linda...Yay!

Attempting to rinse off

The End...Till Next Year!

Monday, March 8, 2010

The New & Improved Chessie Park Productions!


Our production company's website, chessiepark.com, has not only had a makeover, but now you can view more info on the artists/bands we worked with in New Orleans!

Pop|Rock Singer, Songwriter
(I recorded additional vocals on Nick's song "Breaking the Heart In" on his new self-titled EP)

Singer, Songwriter
(Jake co-arranged, co-produced, and recorded various instruments on September in the Garden)

Awesome 80s cover band based out of New Orleans, LA
(Guitarist/vocalist Randi Wilde, aka Jack Miele, engineered & played the lap steel guitar on September in the Garden)

The Official Band of the New Orleans Saints
(Trumpet player Beau St. Pierre co-arranged, co-produced, & recorded various instruments on September in the Garden;
Saxophonist Mike Broussard, Jr. recorded sax on September in the Garden)

New Orleans Rock band
(String-playing brothers Sam & Jack Craft recorded violin and cello on September in the Garden)

Haven't worked with kLoB, but we want to!
Groovy Funk|Soul band based out of Jacksonville, FL

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Innovative Art


I came across dna11 while looking through Dwell magazine & I fell in love with their products!
They offer 3 different products, with various options:

DNA Portraits:
They'll send you a collection kit... Swab the inside of your cheek, send it in, and it's done!

Self Portraits 

Combined DNA Portraits:

They also offer mini-portraits, and will combine up to 4 people's DNA into one canvas.

Kiss Portraits:
They'll send you a M.A.C. Viva Glam lipstick and some sheets to kiss... Kiss the sheets till you get the perfect one, send it in, and voila!

GREAT gift idea for your significant other!

Fingerprint Portraits:
They'll send you a collection kit... Print yourself till you get the perfect image, send it in, and you've got a beautiful, original piece of art!

I think these pieces of art are so amazing... No two are alike, and they're so special.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Want A Front Row Seat?

Front Row, my official fan club, now has it's own social network!

Become a member at front-row.ning.com, and then you can: 
-Create your own profile
-Post photos, video, & forum topics
-Listen to snippets of my music 
-Purchase my music
-Chat with other members
-Get VIP access!
    I hope you enjoy Front Row... Feel free to give me any feedback!